In General

Proto’s New Look Website, one of India’s important event on entrepreneurship & Venture Capital has a brand new website. It’s simpler & slicker. Chugs once again pulls up an amazing work.

For those new to the event, here’s a quick elevator pitch. It’s a platform to bring India’s hottest tech startups and the best of VCs together.

After 3 months of planning and with 20 days to go, the event is shaping up rather well. We had one more organizers meeting today and the organizing pressure is palpable…which is a good thing. Then we know that we are on the right track! There’s a sense of urgency and excitement in the air.

This is a national event and some of the top organizers behind BarCampDelhi, BarCampBangalore, BarCampChennai, BlogCamp, TiE, IIT’s Shaastra are part of the organizing team.

The nominations for startups are closed. We have overshot the required numbers by nearly 250%. Registration for VCs have begun. Nominations for attendees is also open. If you’d like to attend the event, you are best advised to register early. Registration costs Rs.500. Only the first 150 get in. It’s not too often one gets to rub shoulders with the best of entrepreneurs and VCs.