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Podcast with Kanwal Rekhi, The Founding Father of TiE

While at the TIE Entrepreneurial Summit, the guy who sat next to me was the venerable Kanwal Rekhi. Out there, he was treated like a cult hero. You know the kind who just just steps on the stage and the crowd goes boisterous with applause. Kanwal is the venerage sage of entrepreneurship. He made a fortune selling his startup to Novell and went on to become its VP and CTO. Now he helps guide startups and has become an ambassador for Indian entrepreneurship.

He has a very fascinating story. You should definitely read this very nicely written bio of his. Fascinating.

We plugged off from the event briefly and holed up at the media room to record a podcast. He talks about the birth of TiE and how it grew to become the biggest organization for entrepreneurship.

Listen in.

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