In General

“I hacked ur password”

Sometimes, you need mild shocks like the message above to remind you to constantly change your passwords. Yeah, all my scraps are gone but the account is intact. Thankfully, he is a good acquaintance and didn’t mean harm.

There’s a lesson in here. If my Orkut account can get hacked, so could yours. So, go around and rejig your passwords. Not just at Orkut. Your emails. Your online bank accounts. The works.

Update: This is slightly embarrasing to admit. I got pulled. It’s a prank. Apparently, a very old one at that! Sigh! Ok, for those wanting to know, this is how it works. Enter a scrap with the dreaded message and keep pressing ‘enter’ button until you get a page full of nothing. Voila! The trap is set. Neat, actually!