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Seen Life Crashing Down?

It’s cruel how life can completely change. Here’s the true life incident of my neighbour that took place on Saturday. Imagine this, there’s this bright bubbly guy who just got into engineering college. His lower middle class parents have scraped the bottom of their life savings to fund his education. It looked like any other guy’s story, the boy would pass out of college, get a job in a software company and support his parents and help close out all the loans. Unfortunately, life took a different path.

The boy and his friends were on their hostel terrace, three floors high. While playing around, one of his friends tripped over the side wall, and while trying to hold on to anything to keep him from falling, he unfortunatley grabbed his friend’s shirt. So, both the boys crashed to the ground below. Luckily, both the guys survived but with terrible consquences. Half my neighbour’s ribs are broken, heavy internal bleeding, hands and legs fractured and he’s become limp waist down. I hear the other kid is serious too.

What really tugged my heart strings were his parent’s reaction when the doctor said that the hospital expenses would amount to Rs.7 lakhs, twice what they had paid for his engineering. Without blinking an eyelid, they decided to sell of their modest house. For them, their only son is everything.

And, today is the boy’s birthday. Life…. can be cruel.