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Creating Buzz in the Blogosphere

I received a call from Reliance asking for suggestions on how to create a buzz about a product that they have just launched. I told him I’d reply back via email and I’m producing that out here. Why? Because I definitely think its not complete. Not all may be right. And the only way to know is to throw it in the open and hear from you guys.

Here are my views.

1) Make the blogger feel special. Give him/her access to areas where others haven’t gotten yet. For example, Microsoft gave the usergroup members access to the pre-release alpha release of Vista nearly 6 months ago. They felt special. They even contributed by giving feedback about the product which helped.

2) Make a personal contact with the bloggers. See if you can organize a meet in each city where you get to meet up with the bloggers in person. Nothing like a personal handshake.

3) Never, I repeat, NEVER, make the blogger feel he is being used as a marketing tool for your product launch. At most times, it backfires. With bad consequences. I know that this entire exercise is a marketing effort but please do not make it look explicit. Stike up a honest conversation shorn of any sweet talk.

4) Disclaimer and transparency is important. If bloggers do write about your product, expect them to add disclaimer that you have contacted them. Transparency is good.

5) Remember that bloggers will be critical. They will write their honest opinion. This means both good and bad. You must take them equally. Do not expect bloggers to write only the good stuff.

Now, what suggestions would you give if a company got in touch with you?