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‘Thank You’ Just Doesn’t Do

To everyone who had helped with money and sent in words of support, thank you very much. It’s a help in need.

You also put me to shame. The day after the accident happened, I consciously told myself that I will not post on my blog asking for donations. Why? Because I did not want to sound like a deposed Nigerian Army General or the Ugandan millionaire. Those scam mails have taken the trust out of Internet.

To me, helping with donating blood, making the customary visits to hospital and offering moral support sounded good enough. Until the comments and email came in with offers to help that truly made me put my face down in shame. And I admit that in front of you. I could have done much more than I did. Thank you for correcting my narrow mindedness.

When this fund raising initiative was started, I told the boy’s sister not to mention about this to the parents. Why? Because, I wasn’t sure we will collect enough. I didn’t want them to have an expectation and then let them down.

When I woke up this morning and opened up this page, I was astonished to see the generosity of people. Thank you for lending your support to a boy you don’t even know. To see more than Rs.1 lakh collected in less than a day is a humbling gesture of kindness.

The money lies in Prema’s (the boy’s cousin sister) PayPal account. Since it takes about 20 days for the money to be withdrawn in India, one of the person known to Prema has offered to loan out the money until the paypal money reaches India.

The money couldn’t have come in at a better time. Prabhu’s operation has been fixed for today afternoon. The doctors have said the operation might take upto four hours. I will update the progress of his health and all fund raising initiatives at the wiki ( )

People have sent in requests to keep the ChipIn account open. They have taken the effort to mail their office colleagues, friends in their clubs and alumni network. Amazing.

The total hospital expenditure will run to Rs.8.5 lakhs ($19,000). We have collected over Rs.1 lakh ($2120). If you can, please chipin a little. Evey small amount we collect will help the boy and his parents.

Thanks once again to everyone who generously helped with money, sent in words of support, offered prayers and helped spread the word around. You proved that there is hope in times of darkness.