In Help

We Have Made a Difference

Together, we have helped collect Rs.1.9 lakhs for a boy who really needed help. That’s 839% more than what we originally planned to collect. Its a major help for the boy’s parents who faced a financial black hole. We have helped cover one fifth of the estimated hospital expenses. A true help in need.

The fund raiser has ended and the money has already helped meet some of the hospital expenses. Updates on Prabhu’s health will continue at the wiki.

On behalf of Prabhu’s family, a heartfelt thanks to each one of you who have stepped forward to help. Thank you for offering hope.

Thank you to those who helped spread the word by posting on your blogs, sending out emails and telling your friends.

Thank you to those who left initial comments and emails to help. You made this simple blog post change into a powerful fundraiser.

Thank you for bestowing trust in humanity. You didn’t know Prabhu. You didn’t know his parents. And most of you didn’t know me. That’s why this help is so special.

Thank you. From our hearts.