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Turning Adversity into an Advantage

We all have a lot to learn from Alexis Leon. He’s the guy who has grabbed life from the jaws of death.

In 1993, Alexis, who was then working as systems analyst at TCS, met with a road accident that left him crippled for life. Doctors told him that he can’t walk in his life. This accident happened three weeks before his marriage and a month before he was to fly to Switzerland.

Today, he is a popular author of 41 technical books and runs his own successful consulting firm. He turned a life crippling disaster into an advantage.

Alexis explains his whole story in his own words. A moving and an inspiring story. I strongly recommend you go read it.

Eight years ago, I met him in person at his home to seek his help in authoring a book. I picked up his phone number from one of his books I was browing at Higginbothams, called him up and fixed an appointment to meet him. When I went to his home, I was shocked to see a wheel chair bound person in front of me. We spent a long time discussing about a book that I never got to publish.

Time passed by and I completely forgot about him until a person left a comment pointing to his website. I got to read his life story and was really moved.

I’m going to read out Alexis’ story to Prabhu, the boy who met with a near similar life crippling fate. Alexis has shown that when adversity stares at you, the best way to do is show your middle finger and live life to the fullest.