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The Amazing Act of Kindness of SRM College Students

The students of SRM Engineering college have helped collect over one lakh rupees towards Prabhu’s hospital expenses. Towards the end of this post, I’ll tell you why this act of kindness is so special.

In this picture, Shailendra, a student representative from SRM Engg college hands over the contributions cheque to Prabhu’s parents. Let me hasten to add that it was very awkward for me to ask request them for a photograph. I had to do it. It was important to let others know of the tremendous help that students are doing.

And here’s why this help is so very special. None of the students from SRM know about Prabhu. They have never seem him much like most of you. Prabhu is a student of Mohd.Sadak Engineering college. The SRM guys will only know how Prabhu looks like when I mail them the photographs.

A couple of student voluneteers from Mohd.Sadak had gone to SRM and requested their friends out there to help. A few compassionate students from SRM took up this task and spread the word around the campus and helped collect Rs.1.03 lakhs. Notice carefully that the cheque has been drawn in the name of Apollo Hospitals to make sure that the money goes only for the hospital expenses. They also gave Rs.5000 in cash knowing that the parents might need cash for other expenses.

I had goosebumps. I was amazed at the maturity of the students.