Wikicamp is just two days away.

I can already get the feelers that its going to be a great event. As expected, the event is already sold out. We’ve got participants from 15 different cities and towns. It’s awesome to see the diversity in the crowd and I’m personally looking forward to meeting up with some really cool people. WikiCamp takes place this Sunday, Feb 25th.

We’ve got very interesting topics and more will come out on the day of the event. Actually, this is a sad part for me. The downside of being active on the organizing means that I miss out on some cool sessions and not spending quality time meeting up with people I want to meet with. Guess, that’s a small compromise one will have to do.

This event is an unconference and will thrive on chaos. I prefer calling it organized chaos. It’s almost magical how things fall into place.

It’s also very heartening to note that many Chennai folks have opened up their homes for outstation participants to come crash at their place. It really goes well with the spirit of the unconference.

Jimmy Wales will be crashing at my place for two nights. My parents and wife, ofcourse, are thrilled. No, not because he is a celebrity. Heck, they didn’t even know he is the founder of Wikipedia. They are thrilled because they know I will clean up the bedrooms. The last time NDTV came home to do a coverage, I cleaned up the hall. Now, they know the rooms will get taken care of.

Oh well!