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Why Rs.99 Extra for WiFi is an Awesome Investment

I’m writing this post, sitting on my bed, propped by three pillows. What’s the word?…. hmm.. yeah, ensconced. It’s just way more comfortable than sitting on a chair and typing into a desktop.

Last evening, my two pesky kids and their raucously noisy friends invaded my room promptly interrupting a business proposal that I was writing. What did I do? Went to the other room, locked myself in and continued with my work.

I love open air. There’s something about the terrace that makes you feel fresh. I think better when I walk. So, if I have to brainstorm an idea I go to my terrace and do my bit of thinking. But then I also need to do a bit of googling to augment some of the ideas. No sweat. My laptop is on hand.

OK, enough case studies.

The decision to WiFi my home about two years ago is one of the best I’ve taken. It has unchained me from the desktop and given me the freedom of movement. You think, in a small house, that hardly matters. Oh, you are so wrong.

I’ll be honest. The decision to WiFi my place was based on the ‘coolness’ factor. Nobody I know did it and felt good to be one of the first. Kinda makes you feel you are on the ‘cutting edge’…errr.. whatever that means. But what started out as a ‘fancy extra fitting’ turned out to be one of the most practically useful additions. Now, I’d be heavily hamstrung without a laptop or the WiFi.

And how much does it cost me? Just 99 rupees extra every month. Yup, there’s a small down payment for the router but that’s refundable. And what’s more, any problem that I have, all it takes is one phone call and a few hours wait to get it solved. The Airtel engineers have been pretty prompt.

With all such advantages, I’m surprised that so many folks who have broadband and laptops at home just aren’t taking that one small step to WiFi their home.

Its just Rs.99. If you haven’t considered it before, I strongly urge you to give it a go.