WikiCamp : A Photologue

Missed WikiCamp but want to know what took place at the event? Well, you are in good hands. Thanks to copious WiFi, trigger happy bloggers, and professional video bloggers, you catch the action that took place at India’s first wiki unconference.

A fantastic walk-through of the event by Sagaro. Pretty much catches the essence of the event.
If you don’t want to miss any photos at all, go to flickr and search for the ‘wikicamp‘.

The team has been extremely professional and helpful. They volunteered to help out record the important happenings at the event. Even though its an unconference, I’ve learnt why its important to have professsionals take care of the video arrangement atleast. Check out some of the videos uploaded so far.

Video 1 : My introductory speech kick starting the event and later handing it over to Jimbo.
Video 2 : Jimbo’s keynote talk about Wikipedia, Wikia and the new search engine.
Video 3 : Participants play the role of reporters. Short interviews with Syed and me. Even Jimmy Wales join in and plays the role of a press reporter and interviews the participants. (Earlier in the day, he must have given atleast two dozen interviews)