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An All Night Roof Top Film Festival

A friend offers his roof. Another one brings along a projector. A few others will bring their mattresses and pillows. I’m sure someone will pitch in with loads of popcorn. All this, so some of the best original short films made by film makers can be showcased. Also shown will be classics by movie legends.

The night of 24th will be an interesting one. The first of the roof top film festival will take place on the night of 24th. It will begin on Saturday around 7:00 pm and go on till the wee hours of Sunday morning. It’ll be a nice opportunity to mingle with film makers and movie buffs.

It’s an initiative by Sagaro and Dinesh, two passionate film makers. Both of them are good buddies and are part of The Knowledge Foundation, yup the group that brought out events like BarCampChennai, BlogCamp, and WikiCamp. This one will be another feather.

I think its a very nice initiative to showcase good talent. I’m personally interested on the video side of things after having tried my hands with audio. I’m looking forward to connecting with other film folks and learn a thing or two.