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Great Podcasts with Silicon Valley Innovators

If you are looking for excellent video podcast interviews with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley, I’d strongly recommend innovatecast. It’s started by two Stanford grad students, Julio and Matt. I have personally known Julio Vasconcellos with whom I’ve worked together at PodTech, where I host my tech show.

The one I really found interesting is this interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. The interview is in two parts. Make sure to check out both of them.

These guys are doing an amazing job in roping in awesome folks for the interviews. Check these out… Andy Grove of Intel, Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins, Dr.Ed Catmull, Cofounder and President of Pixar Animation. There’s many more.

From experience in hosting my show, I can tell you that its not easy getting interviews with the greats. You are literally competing with the New York Times and Washington Posts of the world for their time. So, hats off to these guys.

Early next week, I’m interviewing Ananth Krishnan, the Chief Technology Officer of TCS. That should be an interesting one. If you have questions for him, I’d love to ask him on your behalf. Drop them in the comments box or email me at Kiruba @