In General

Airport Observations

The Hard, Fast & Stupid Rules: The one hand baggage rule in flights can be a pain. There was this young lady arguing in vain with the security chaps. She had a purse, actually a very small handbag, and then a laptop. So, in effect, that constitutes two ‘luggages’ for the security folks and one had to be checked in. Now, she was torn between the embarrassment of checking in her purse or risking her laptop at the hands of the callous airport staff. She wisely chose the former.

Queue Competition: It’s irritating to find a few folks try to break into the queue to get the boarding pass, even after knowing that the flight has been delayed for two hours.

Self Help: The air-hostess was beginning to offer chocolate candies when the captain announced on the PA that the flight would take off in 5 minutes. So, she had to leave the candies tray on an empty seat and quickly proceeded to demonstrate the safety instructions. The guy sitting next to the tray, promptly picked up a candy and passed on the tray to the next guy. He picked a candy and passed it the next guy. And within 10 minutes it had completed the circuit. There were smiles around when the air-hostess applauded. For some reason, the incident reminded me of the latest coke advertisement.