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Announcing ‘SHOOT’ – The Hands-On Photography Workshop

A bunch of photo enthusiasts are teaming up together to organize a hands-on workshop called ‘SHOOT‘. The event is scheduled to be organized either on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of April. This workshop has a limit of 15 members who are passionate about digital photography.

The workshop starts in the morning with a trip to the Koyambedu Market. This is Asia’s biggest Vegetable, Fruits & Flower market. It’s also wonderfully active and colorful place. It has a spirit of its own. Once the shoot is over, we all meet up at my home for a half day of learning from professional photographers.

There is no charge for the workshop but we do ask everyone to bring in their learning to the table. The only rule is that you must posses a SLR camera. Digital SLR preferred.

Here is a snap of colorful capsicums that I recently shot at Koyambedu Market when we went shopping.