In Chennai

Meter in Autorickshaws in Chennai? What is That?

The Tamil Nadu government recently announced a strict rule that autorickshaws should strictly charge by the meter. Well, they might, *if* they had a meter. From the experience today morning, that rule is clearly non-existent. I checked with nearly half a dozen autos … three of them didn’t have meters. The rest three won’t charge by the meter.

I told them about the new rule, and one auto driver, with a smirk in face said, “Go ask the government and then come back”. Clearly they weren’t afraid of the police either. It’s common knowledge that most autos in Chennai autos are owned by Policemen.

I hate autos. I think they are a curse to Chennai. I know many first time visitors quickly form a wrong impression of the city because of their bitter experience with auto drivers at Central Railway stations and at Airports. I find Bangalore auto drivers to be a better lot.