In The Kiruba Show, Unconference Book

The other day, I sat down with Sudhir Syal to have a casual free-wheeling conversation about the unconference book. Both of us are involved in the project along with a bunch of passionate folks. At last count on the mailing list, close to 100 folks from 10 different countries have joined the book project. Right now, about a dozen folks have actually started writing for the book and the rest will soon start chipping in with their bit.

The book got off to a slow start but now has picked up good pace. The most important part of the book is the finalizing of the chapters and that has been done. People have also started owning up chapters and forming their own small teams to get them done. From this point onwards, for the next month, the project should be on auto-pilot mode with multiple chapters being written simultaneously by different teams.

The podcast was originally shot as video but I’m still stuck with the encoding part. So, I went ahead and published the audio version. I particularly liked the casual conversational mode of the podcast. If you wanted to know about the book, listening to the podcast might give you a good idea.