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Now, I Know Why There Are So Few Video Podcasters

I got my first video interview published as part of my CEO show and boy, did it take an effort or what. This 17 minute video that you see below took in eleven hours of effort and I can tell you it wasn’t easy. This video is an interview with Venkat Rangan, CEO of INXS Asia.

My respect for video podcasters went many notches up. You have to really try things out on your own to realize the kind of investment in time, effort and money it takes in. Especially, time and effort. Here’s a quick break up of the time I had to spend in bringing out this video.

Research : 3 hours (reading about the company, its CEO, testing out the product, preparing questions)

Actual interview: 2 hours (setting up the cameras, briefing cameramen, takes & retakes during the interview)

Editing : 4 hours ( Cutting down a 43 minute video down to a crisp 17 minute video, effects, titling)

Processing : 2 hours (Getting an mp4 version, an iPod version and flash video version, uploading videos, blogpost)

And this doesn’t include the many hours of traffic-congested travelling.

But I believe its all worth it. I have always believed that video is a powerful mode of communication. It can convey many thing that a normal blog post can’t. So, if it takes in extra effort, then so be it.

The best way to view the video is to subscribe via iTunes. This way the video gets downloaded and you can watch it without any streaming interruptions.