In Roof Top Film Festival

So, What Happened at the All Night Roof Top Film Festival?

Who in their right minds out set up an event at the exact time of the finals of cricket world cup and still expect 25 folks to turn up? Well, the guys who planned up the Roof Top Film Festival did just that. I, for one, was surprised. It showed that cricket isn’t everything.

Here’s a quick photolog of the event.

We hired the beds and pillows. Lots of them. Everyone lent their hands in setting up the stuff. While one set of guys were putting the covers for the beds….

… the other set of guys were busy getting the equipments in place. A few others brought quite a bunch of DVDs. The theme of the night was screening of movies by actor directors.

Once this was done, it was time to get set for an interview from CNN IBN. The TV channel was doing a story on bloggers and there was a good gathering of them.

Snacks! Oh there were lots of them. The funda is that each one brings snacks for them plus one extra person. As expected, there was quite a bunch of snacks. We also ordered lots of pizzas which disappeared in no time.

One of the movie in progress. There were four movies that were shown that night till the wee hours of the morning.

After each movie, there was a small discussion about the movies. Remember that most folks are movie buffs and there were a few film makers, film producers & journalist film critics amongst the gang.

For me it was one eventful night. I watched ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, a movie acted and directed by George Cloony. After that were a couple of boring movies which punctured my interest. A few SMSes to check the cricket scores easily tilted my interest. I headed out to watch the Srilankan’s innings only to get disappointed soon.

By 3:30 am I headed out home to get ready for the Sunday marathon practice. By 5:00, a bunch of eight enthusiastic folks gathered up for the run and we were in for a special gift. (more about this later).

I had to quickly finish this run and rush to the Central Railways station to receive a set of relatives for an important family function that morning. Not a wink of sleep for me that night, but it was all fun alright.