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How an Auto Driver Helped My Marathon Practice

Sunday early mornings are for marathon practice. I quit running for a long time and I recently rejoined the awesome Chennai Runners Group. Thanks due to nice cajoling by friends out there. Last Sunday however, things weren’t good.

At 4:30 on Sunday morning, I was at the Central Railway Station having just finished an overnight journey from Erode. The Sunday morning practice run starts at 5:00 AM. That half hour is too short for me to head home, change and head back for the run.

I was feeling a bit miserable for missing practice. Just then an auto guy approached me. I asked him how much from Central to Virugambakkam (a journey of around 13 kms). He mentioned an astounding Rs.200. The usual rate is around Rs.85. I said Rs.100.

The guy gave a sneering laugh and asked me to take a walk. (the rough equivalent of it in crude tamil) .

I had a bulb glow over my head.

Heck, why not walk home? That way, I can catch up on my practice. I couldn’t have run. Was in my formal shoes and had luggage. But I can definitely walk. It’s not the same as running but its definitely way better than lazing it out in an auto.

And so, I had one of the most refreshing early morning walks. And more importantly, feeling good.

Thank you, auto driver.