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The Damage a Power Surge Can Do

How would you feel if this happened to you? I open up a brand new Microsoft XBox video game and connect it up. I switch it on only to see nothing happen.

No, wait.

Something did happen.

I heard a soft ‘pop’ noise and then begin to see a small waft of smoke that has a burnt smell to it. I hurriedly switch the machine off but then its too late. The damage is done. My brand new xBox is toast. Even before I get to play a game.

No, that’s not all. The almost new electronic phone that my cousin brought from the US is gone too. Kaput. It wouldn’t work.

The WiFi. Why does not WiFi not work? One check and the WiFi router is gone too.

For a minute, I don’t know if I should vent out my anger at the electricity board officials or put my head down and sulk at the loss. The XBox loss particularly hurt. I was so looking forward to seeing my daughter’s glee on seeing a brand new video game, courtesy Microsoft. Damn! I clench my hand in frustration.

That’s when a a savior angel lands in the form of my Dad. He hasn’t done his engineering but he’s way better than most electronics engineers. He takes his meters out and checks the equipments. He takes the xBox adapter and the WiFi adapter to the TV repair guy opposite to our home. He borrows his soldering machine and gets down to work. The electricity surge had burnt some of the parts. In a few hours time, he purchased new parts and had it working all over again. Yayy! The xBox works again. I heave a huge sign of relief. A new adapter for WiFi gets it back up again. Double Yayy!

It’s been one heck of a roller coaster day. I have never believed in stabilizers ……until now. Now, I plan to buy for nearly every thing from fridge to AC to the computers. No more taking chances with the electricity guys.