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Do You Know a Nice Beach House on ECR for a Party?

We are looking for a nice private beach house on ECR in Chennai, big enough to house 75 folks. This is for the PodWorks party that will take place on the night of June 9th, the first day of the podcasting event.

For those who don’t know yet, PodWorks is India’s biggest podcast event attracting the best minds on new media.

ECR (East Coast Road) has some fantastic beach houses but they are like hidden jewels, difficult to find. The best ones are never publicised and are only given out on personal references.

The Beach House must contain swimming pool, a few rooms and preferably a big lawn. Most folks will also be crashing out for the night. The party will have alcohol, music but it will be a nice decent one. Nothing wild. We will take prior Police permissions (which is required by law) and keep things in order.

Do you know of a nice place? Can you check with a friend, your friend’s friend for a lead? Even a small lead will be useful information. Any help is appreciated. Please call me at 98415 97744 or email me at Kiruba[@]

Thanks in advance.