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New Books on my Bookshelf

Note the heading again. I didn’t say, “Books I’m Going to Read”. I normally don’t read the books as soon I buy them. What I do is stock them up in my bookshelf, a sort of my own miniature library. Whenever I get the mood to read or when I’m travelling, I pick up a book I want to read.

About two years ago, I hatched up a plan to buy the books I always wanted to read. I would allocate about Rs.500 every month for the books. Over the months, I’ve built up a decent repository.

This setting up of a mini-library has had a positive impact on my reading. I’ve read many more books in the last year than the years before. Easy accessibility has helped. If I wanted to read, I only have to walk to my hall, rather than going to the library or a book shop.

Oh, libraries never worked out for me. I have this horrible habit of defaulting and the guilt factor keeps adding up. (warning: don’t ever lend me a book).

Figured out, the solution is to own my own library. And I’m happy I latched on to that idea.

As for those four books? No idea when I’ll get to them. But someday, I will.