In Press

Sun Microsystems Founder is Today’s CNBC Guest Editor-in-Chief

and he gets to call the shots at what’s to be covered today. Obviously, lots of technology and with a clear leaning towards Open Source…. and blogging.

As you guessed it right, there is going to be coverage on the Indian blogosphere, its perceived power, its growth and where its headed. CNBC came home yesterday evening to do a short coverage where I got to voice my opinion. I was particularly critical and did not toe the usual evangelical approach.

That’s Vivin Mathew, CNBC’s senior correspondent (sitting), Sathish (Cameraman) and me (behind the lights). I met Vivin earlier at a private birthday bash and he is one guy who makes you feel comfortable and asks the right questions, a trait that’s super important for an interviewer. Impressed, I immediately extended an invitation to him to take a workshop at the forthcoming PodWorks event. Should be super useful for video podcasters.

Vivin tells me that the story will be aired tonight at CNBC. Can’t see it. Heading out to give a talk at TCS and then for a CouchSurfing Meetup. Besides, no set-top box for me, so no CNBC on home TV. I’m told the video will be online, though. Will link it up when it goes online.