In Dubrovnik, icommons, iSummit07

Skinny Dipping in the Sea at 2:00 AM

This one would rank in one of the crazier things that I’ve done. We return back to our hotel after finishing a music concert and a really late dinner at Dubrovnic. Me and a few friends, are pretty inebriated from the good Croatian beer. One of the guy said he is going to take a dip and the alcohol in us also made us join in.

So, off we go to the sea. At 2:00 am,the weather is cold and I’m sure the water is even colder. I was mentally prepared to brave the cold.

But I wasn’t prepared to what happened next. The three guys with me stripped down completely and dove in. And here I’m in my undies, suddenly feeling overdressed. The guys were from Europe and it seemed like a normal thing to do for them.

I thought for an awkward second and stripped down too and got into the water. Never in my life have I swam naked along with a bunch of guys. I’ll remember this for a long time.

And oh, there’s something brilliant about the sea. When you put your hand into the water and shake it hard, you’ll notice sparks of light in the water. It’s pitch dark and these sparks of light stand out brilliantly. Apparently, the algae in the water, when disturbed, let out chemicals which glow. Interesting. Also, the sea is very calm. There’s practically no waves at all. Just tiny ones like the ones we have in lakes in India.