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Video of Bombing of Dubrovnik city by Serbians

I did a walking tour of the old town at Dubrovnik and its fabulous. People say that the old city retains the grandeur of yesteryear. It’s remarkable that this very same city was bombed pretty badly by the Serbians in 1991. The Serbians sieged the city for more than a month and the residents lived inside without running water and power. The entire city is within massive walls which are 10 feet thick.

I’m writing this from a building that got hit by the missiles. Take a look at this video to see the atrocious bombings of the Dubrovnik old city.

Video from TomorrowIsANewDay

Here is how the city looks now.

The Croatians did a fabulous work in restoring it back. Its so good that if not for the video or the pictures of the bombing, its difficult to believe that it ever got attacked.