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A Nice Article in The Hindu Explaining

The Hindu has a fantastic write-up about, a startup showcase event that a bunch of us at The Knowledge Foundation are organizing. Prince Frederick has done a good job in explaining what Proto is all about.

Yesterday, while at the Web 2.0 Event in Mumbai, I had a chance to meet up with many entrepreneurs and a few VCs and there were quite a few who wanted to know what the event is about. This is exactly the sort of article that I would want to forward to them. If you wanted to know about Proto, the article recommended reading.

Quoting a para from the article.

Start-ups from across the Asia-Pacific region have been invited to participate. It is based on the concept called ‘elevator pitch’. “At, you are in the same situation as when you run into Bill Gates on the elevator. Gates is squeezed for time and it is difficult to catch his attention once he gets out of the elevator. So, you can pitch your business idea at Gates only as long as both of you travel together on the elevator. At the most, you get a minute and a half with Gates. At, you are definitely better off,” says Anand.

Here’s the photo that accompanied the article.

From left to right: (Me, Vicky, Vijay Anand, Ravi Shankar, Syed Razik, Aswin Anand & Jay)

Earlier, Red Herring, a prestigious biz magazine in the US & worldwide, had a wonderful coverage as well.