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So, What is Ultimate Frisbee? Watch the Video.

Quite a few had written to me asking about ‘Ultimate Frisbee’. I figured this video below will give you a glimpse of the game. It’s a cross between American Football & Basketball.

I may have told this before, but let me say it again. It’s an amazing sport. Last weekend was my first game and I have already gotten sucked into it. It’s also quite a tiring game.

Kartikeyan, who is part of the team, strapped on his heart-rate meter just to check. And here are the readings.

Average heart rate during the game – 188 beats per min!!
Highest rate touched – 202 beats per min!!

During marathons, the average heart rate is 170 bpm. Well, you get the picture!

We’re playing the game tomorrow morning at 5:20 am and will play every Saturday at Elliots Beach.

The unofficial rules require at least two girls in every team. We haven’t found them yet. It’s a non-contact sport and I’d encourage girls to give the sport a try.

Take a look at the video. Especially, don’t miss the action at 2:35 into the video. Reminded me of Jonty Rhodes.