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The Growth Pangs of a New Sport

Yesterday, both Times of India and DNA newspapers carried news about our group playing the new sport ‘Ultimate Frisbee’. Ever since, Membership requests multiplied. While generally that’s a good thing, sudden growth isn’t good for a new sport. Manu, who brought the game from the US to ISB and then to Chennai, has a few good points.

The game can accommodate 14 members (7 a side). Anything more, and people will have to wait in the sidelines. and that’s no fun.

It’s a new game and it takes awhile to master the nuances.. Sure, the rules are simple but one needs sufficient play time to get better at the game. But we play only one hour every week and that’s not much.

Taking a few other points into consideration, it was decided to close down any new registrations for a couple of months. And we even had to gently turn down a request from The Hindu to do a story.