In Ultimate Frisbee

I’m Half Left-Handed Now But I Must ‘Moov’ On!

The photo taken outside the radiology dept at Sooriya Hospital while waiting for X-Ray to be taken of my right shoulder.

Last Saturday, while playing Ultimate Frisbee, I tried practicing a couple of diving catches. All this after the game was over. In other words, those were unnecessary. During one of the dives, as I landed on the beach sand heavily, I heard something crack on my right shoulder followed by searing pain. I knew I was in trouble.

I suspected a dislocation or a hairline fracture. But thankfully there was no swelling and I knew it had to be a muscle pull. However, the pain refused to subside and I could not lift my right hand even after two days.

You see, one of my grand-uncle dislocated his hand when he was young but failed to take any medical assistance. He waited for a few weeks thinking it would get OK naturally. That slight dislocation of his forearm had set and the doctors couldn’t do anything. His right hand is now useless.

That incident freaked me out. I decided to play safe and visited the hospital. An X-Ray and inspection later, the doctor ruled out any dislocation or hairline fracture but confirmed a muscle tear. It would take a couple of weeks for it to heal.

I can write and type, albeit a little pain. But I can’t lift my hands. So, simple things like wearing a t-shirt requires assistance and squirming of my face in pain. My first day of physiotherapy starts today. Might have to miss games this weekend.