In Press

I’m in Delhi right now and was at the CNBC studio this evening to participate in the panel discussion on ‘Catalyzing Convergence’.

My other panelists were
Vineet Taneja, Director of Multimedia, Nokia
Pradeep Gupta, Founder & CEO of CyberMedia
Alok Kejriwal, Founder & CEO of Mobile2Win

The show was wonderfully moderated by Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan, the host of CNN IBN’s Tech 2.0 show. The topics discussed were trends in digital convergence, how mobile handset makers play a role in enabling convergence, other key growth drivers for convergence in India and why GPRS hasn’t taken off big in India.

The show should be aired something this weekend on CNBC. Will need to check with Abhimanyu to get the exact timing.

Anyways, getting to the studio in Noida was like the Amazing Race. At Chennai, I got stuck in a huge traffic pileup at Kathipara junction and it was a frustrating feeling having to miss the flight. By the time I reached the airport, I just had 3 minutes to check in when I’m told the flight is delayed by two hours. I could have saved on all those bile secretion and lost fingernails.

If Chennai traffic was bad, Delhi traffic wasn’t any better. After sufficient tension filled moments, I reached just in time. I even had to change my dress and shave at CNBC’s office. I would have gotten late if I had to go to the hotel.

Anyways, at the make up room, I meet up with Abhimanyu, the anchor of the show. He was getting his make up done. The make-up guy thinks I’m also a CNBC anchor and proceeds to spend the next 15 minutes doing elaborate makeup. I must’ve got three layers of that goddamn foundation and powder, the most I’ve got in my entire life. I was looking like those aunties at marriage functions with heavy makeup. Reminded me of Rajini in ‘Sivaji‘.

Later in the evening, I got on the live show on Rainbow FM. Dhruva, a lawyer who moonlights as RJ, did a call in and we had a 5 minute conversation about podcasting. I have been on Radio before but this is the first time I’m on it live.

I’m starting early morning at 6:00 am to Bangalore to attend BarCampBangalore and eagerly looking forward to it.