In podcast, The Kiruba Show

In the year 2000, KB Chandrasekhar reaped $350 million when he sold his company Exodus communications. The timing could not be more perfect because a few months later, the dotcom bust happened and the company ran into bankruptcy under the new owner.

So, when the whole industry was down, Chandra walked out a rich man.

I met that man yesterday in person to have a conversation. You can listen to the conversation in the podcast above.

Exodus was no ordinary company. At one time, over 90% of the World’s Internet traffic was passing through Exodus’ backbones.

Currently, Chandra is co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Jamcracker. He has also invested in over 20 companies, the prominent of them are e4e and Aztec.

His career as a high-technology entrepreneur has spanned Exodus Communications, Fouress Inc., Rolta India, Ltd and Wipro.

The podcast interview traces this true blue Chennaite’s growth from his college days to the high profile successful global IT entrepreneur that he is now.