In Speaking

Only Success, an organization that specializes in self empowerment organized a two day hands-on workshop called ‘Internet Money Magix‘ on maximizing the Internet for business success. Praveen Sherman, Director and Chief Trainer, invited me to conduct a half day workshop on how people can make best use of social media to help aid businesses.

My workshop was on the second day and that was a good thing. The ice had been nicely broken on day one and the audience were very exuberant and interactive. More importantly, very eager to learn.

I always prefer hands-on workshops to just talking sessions. Workshops are always interactive and gets the folks involved in the learning process. The venue had WiFi and most of the participants had laptops. We went through the process of creating blogs, podcasts, Google Adsense and Adwords. My session was for three hours and I found the time not enough. That’s a good sign of crowd interactivity as there were a lot of questions thrown across.

As a speaker, you get an inkling of how well the session went judging by the number of people who want to come and get your business cards or ask questions. Ask any speaker about the ‘high’ and they’ll vouch for it.

Right after my session was on ‘Product Marketing’ by Shalin Jain (seen in blue striped shirt). Shalin is a young entrepreneur who founded TenMiles Corporation, a company that specializes in software products. The topic couldn’t have found a better speaker.

Praveen Sherman( in white shirt) is the Director of OnlySuccess. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the ‘Born To Win‘ program conducted by Praveen. It’s a powerful self-transformational program that uses NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming to impart positive attitude and self-confidence. I really wanted to attend this program in June but the event date clashed with PodWorks. The next program takes place at the end of the year and looking forward to the experience.

Another program I’m looking forward to is the ‘Superb Kids‘ program for my daughter.