In General

My luck with last minute visas continues. Got hold of my passport with the Visa stamped a few minutes before my check-in. This is my second time lucky. My visit to Croatia two months ago faced a similar situation, though more harrowing.

A huge shout out to Songita of Text100, the PR agency for Nokia for relentlessly following up to get the Singapore visa processed.

The 6 hour flight looked longer than it did thanks to slightly uncomfortable seats at Singapore Airlines and a disturbed sleep. The drive from the Airport to the hotel was fabulous and freshened me up. This is my first time in Singapore and am impressed with the greenery around.

Lovely hotel and very good broadband connectivity in the room. Glad to stay at a hotel that considers Internet as basic necessity.

In an hours time, I head out into the city and then back at 4:00 for meeting up with the Nokia folks to get to hear about their announcement.