In iFix

Here is an awesome group of people that impress me. These are the folks who don’t stop at cribbing about the infrastrcture problems in the city, but have gone beyond to find a solution. And what’s more, they offer to help out themselves.

It’s quite simple. Find a pothole? Fix it.

That’s exactly what a bunch of folks did during the Independence day. They chose a pothole ridden road in Velachery and worked the entire night to fix the potholes. What’s impressive is that these folks pitched in money from their own pockets to buy the materials needed. That’s some commitment.

The first program was a success, judging by the kind of positive response it has received from the area residents and the press coverage. The team is motivated to do an encore and this time they have chosen the Anna Road in Thiruvanmiyur.

The pothole fixing program starts tonight at 9:00 PM and will go on till about 2:00 in the wee hours. If you’d like to join in, call Vijay Anand at 98941 01373.

Learn more about the initiative at It would be awesome if the spirit spread around to other cities as well.