In General

Today, I was invited to judge the group discussion contest at the Inter-Collegiate Literary Competition called ‘Antheneum’ at MOP Vaishnav College. For me, it took me back to my college days. Whilst at college, I was quite active in ‘culturals’ and was part of the core team that started ‘Halcyon’, our Inter-collegiate extravaganza. It still continues till date, 13 years after we started it. Something I take a lot of pride in.

The first of the two topics that I chose for the GD was “Twenty20 or Test Match: Which is the superior form of Cricket?”. The other was “Marriage is a social trap: Agree or Disagree?”. Each college had two representatives and one had to speak for the topic and the other against.

The event saw some really bright students who were highly opinionated, something that’s super critical during a group discussion. Some students were downright bad which made me wonder how did they even get selected to represent their college.

The audience was super enthusiastic and overall it was an event that I enjoyed.

Pictures from the event.