In General

This morning I got a phone call from a TataSky executive with regards to the post on ‘DishTV or TataSky?”. He wanted to clarify that TataSky has a “Eat-all-you-want” package that has the entire list of channels much like what DishTV has.

Unfortunately, that bit of info wasn’t clearly available on TataSky’s website. On Saturday night, I had made my decision and bought the DishTV service. Since Sunday is a holiday, I’m hoping the service would get activated today. It’ll be interesting to see how good DishTV’s service is. Will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I asked the TataSky executive how he came to know about my post and he said that they subscribe to keyword alerts that mentions their company name as well as the competitors’. I’m impressed that the company takes care of such simple yet important stuff.

When it comes to customer support, no one sets the bar high like Airtel does. I have been their broadband subscriber for close to 5 years now and their turn-around time has been good. Yesterday, I had a problem with the modem and sent an email complaint last night. This morning at 11:00 AM, an engineer promptly landed at my home and rectified the problem. Quick and efficient.