In Teaching

I’ve been invited by SRM University to conduct a course on new media technologies to a select group of 20 Tamil Journalists. These journalists are all from north Sri Lanka and most of them are from Jaffna and other LTTE controlled areas. They have been sponsored by a Denmark organization to attend a 6 months journalism course here in Tamil Nadu.

It’s been one of the most fascinating teaching experience for me. For the first time, I’m teaching in Tamil. I’m quite conversant in Tamil but just that I have never taught in the language. I had my apprehensions but the first day was a lot smoother than I had anticipated.

Listening and comprehending Sri Lankan Tamil is a challenge and I’m yet to fully grasp it. I had to listen very intuitively to understand what they are trying to say. I guess, in a couple of days’ time, I should get used to it. The only other time I have been exposed to the tamil is from Kamal’s movie, Thenali.