In General

Today morning marked my return to the Ultimate Frisbee game after nearly two months. Thanks to a shoulder injury, sheer laziness and a wee bit busier than usual work schedule made sure I went no where near any sport.

The team met at Marina Beach, a change in venue from the usual Besant Nagar Elliots Beach. I like Marina a lot better than Besant Nagar. A lot lesser stones and the sand was a bit harder and hence easier to run. Maybe it was because of the overnight rain.

As expected, I was very rusty. So, rusty that I had to take a break just 10 minutes into the game. It would take a couple of games to get into the groove.

Been following the team’s progress over the mailing list and was expecting major catching up to do but realized I hadn’t missed as much as I thought. We have back to back games tomorrow and on Sunday. That’s a much needed practice for me before the tournament begins next month.

Here are a few snaps shot by Sid during one of the previous games.