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I bought a brand new table tennis table at my new work place. It’s been a longtime wish.

It’s a game that I fell in love with when I started playing at Tidel Park when working at Sify. After work hours, we would head out to the ‘TT room’ and spend atleast a couple of hours everyday sweating it out. I loved it. It was fun and it gave me enough dose of exercise. Fun and exercise is an awesome combination.

It was at that time that I promised myself that whenever I open my own office, I’ll definitely get a ping pong table. I loved it when I was an employee and wanted to give my employees the same perk. When the table landed up at my office, I felt good keeping up that promise.

Yesterday, we played our first few games. None of us knew how to play the game well. We followed the simple rule: Just get the ball to the other court. The technique was zero. But it was sheer fun. We’d laugh at each other’s horrible smashes. It loosened us up.

I’m also aware of the downside. It’s going to affect the work productivity for certain. Yesterday, we spent two hours playing. The game will eat into the work hours but I’m confident that while the quantity of work hours might take a beating, the quality of work life will improve. And my belief is that this will have positive outcome.