In General

Ever since I saw the new drink at the departmental store near my home, it’s become my favorite drink. Tropicana Twister is the closest to the perfect sweet tasting orange drink that I’ve come across.

Minute Maid is too watery to my liking and the Twister had the right consistency.

Unfortunately, I came across a fact about the drink that I didn’t quite like. Tropicana Twister is a ‘Fruit Drink’ and not a ‘Fruit Juice’.

What’s the difference, you might ask. My answer: Big.

A ‘Fruit Drink’ is just marketing speak for synthetic drink. In other words, the drink has more ‘concentrate’ (what locals refer to as ‘essence’) and less or no fruit pulp.

I head to the fridge, pick up the bottle of Twister to read through the ingredients. It reads, “nature identical flavouring substances”.

I don’t want nature identical stuff. Just nature would do please.

To me, the drink isn’t the same anymore, even though it tastes great.