In Books

That’s the book I’m aiming to finish this morning on the flight from Chennai to Mumbai. I’ve developed a certain key fascination for small books, the ones I can finish in a couple of hours or max three.

I’ll be honest. I’m really not an avid book reader. I mean, most big books lie in my book shelf half read. I guess, the culprit is ‘distraction’. At home, I have various things that occupy my mind (deadlines, phone calls, kids, TV etc) and sadly enough, almost always, ‘reading’ falls at the bottom of priorities.

And that’s why I love the plane. For some reason, because my cell phone is switched off, I get a feeling that I’m completely left to myself. Undistracted. (if you can discount the airhostess, that is!)

I have had a couple of successful ‘finishes’, the latest being Richard Branson’s ‘Screw it, Let’s Do It’ on my flight from Bangalore to Chennai. It’s such small successes that motivates me to continue the plane reading habit.

And another reason why I love Seth’s book? It’s a compilation of blog-posts like writing. Makes it that much more easier to consume.