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Happy New Year everyone! One of my resolutions is to continue blogging regularly and what better way than to start off with a post while the new year celebrations are still in the air.

Here’s the article I sent in today for my column at New Indian Express.

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Today will see the highest turnout of joggers at Elliots Beach. Today will see the highest enrollment in gyms and slimming clinics. Today will see the lowest sales of cigarettes. Fast forward to February and all those fancy new year resolutions will turn into big guilt pangs.

Sounds familiar? Well, take heart for a whole lot of us have been down that road every year. We fixed resolutions without fail only to see it fizzle out within weeks. Its time to fix that…with a little help from handy online applications.

43Things : It’s a fantastic site for you to list down your new year resolutions. Once you list them down, you can also know who else has got similar goals as you. More importantly, you can also connect up with folks who have successfully achieved the goals and they can be an excellent source of tip for you to achieve yours. Visit

Email the Future You: Forbes has a future email service that allows you to write an email time capsule to send to yourself at a future date 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years down the road. Visit

HassleMe: This is one hassling you won’t get pissed about. HassleMe is a service that reminds you of your new year resolutions at a time you would least expect. It sends out reminders at unpredictable times. Visit

Password as reminders: With so many times that you login into your email, how about adding one of your new year resolution as a password. That’d act as a constant reminder. For example, ‘rundaily’, ‘KillTheSmoke’ etc.

SMS Reminders with PingMe: You tell your New Year resolutions along with the dates and it’ll ping you when the time comes. No escaping. You can add events to PingMe through the website, email, or SMS.

Good luck!