In General

It’s events like these that adds variety to a fairly predictable lifestyle.

On Feb 2nd, Chinamaya Raja, President of Alliance Francaise de Madras Committee, is organizing a series of workshops on wine followed by a guided session on wine tasting.

The part, naturally, that I’m interested is in the wine tasting bit. I’m no connoisseur and without the labeling on the bottle, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between a Sauvignon Blanc and Benadryl. I’m looking up to this event to get better acquainted with wines.

I was never into wines, until I got to taste the wonderful Sula white wine at one of the TiE events in Delhi. I consciously ventured into wines during my European trips….positively hated a few, loved a few others. It’s a whole wide world in the winesphere and when people talk about bouquet and age, they lose me immediately. Time to pick up on the wine gyaan.

The wine tasting part is led by Mr Bruno Monange, a Medical Doctor from Burgundy, France and he has a small vineyard too where he makes wine for fun which he distributes to his friends.

If you are interested in attending, do get in touch with Alliance Francaise. The event has limited entries and from what I just heard, the response has been very good and the seats are filling up fast.