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$27 Million is a substantial amount of money. That’s the amount GlobalScholar, an online tutor service, raised yesterday in a ‘B’ round funding after a $15 Million first round. Yet, this news would not have caught my attention had it not been for its CEO.

Kal Raman hails from Mannarkovil, a small town in Thirunelveli District, TamilNadu. His Mom raised him and his four other siblings through very tough economic conditions. She had to support the family with her earnings of Rs.400 a month.

One look at his profile now, shows that he’s come a long way since his tough school days. He has been the Director of Technology at Wal-Mart, Senior Director at BlockBuster, CEO of and in his last assignment before founding GlobalScholar, he was a Senior VP at

I’m getting Kal Raman on ‘The Kiruba Show‘ this week. You can actively participate in this podcast interview by one of two ways. a) Jot down your questions to him in the comments section below or b) Record your question in MP3 format and mail it to me at Kiruba @ I’ll make sure to include your questions as part of the interview and get Kal’s answers.

If you have better ideas on how this can be done, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to call me on my mobile at +91 98415 97744 or email me.

There are some interesting info about Kal. He’s a big Rajinikanth fan and even has his photograph at his Washington, Seattle office. He has sponsored orphanages that has benefited 700 kids in Tamilnadu.

I’m looking forward to connecting up with him.