In General

It’s amazing how people find out avenues to make money. And if they can do that while adding value to others, that’s good. I saw one such incident today.

I was at the Malaysian Consulate this morning to apply for a visa. While I parked my vehicle near the Consulate, the security guard refused to let me park. While I was looking around for a place, a guy came over to me and suggested a good spot to park.

When I parked my vehicle and walked towards the Consulate, he came across with DD in his hand, smiling. It was for Rs.600, the exact amount required for a short term tourist visa. He was selling it for Rs.700. Rs.50 goes for the bank commission and the rest Rs.50 is his profit.

I had the DD with me, so didn’t get it from him. But I saw atleast three others who bought it from him. All of them looked like they were in a hurry and paying Rs.50 made sense to them. They didn’t have to hunt for a bank and wait in queue to pick up a DD. I assume they saved atleast an hour of waiting.

I made small talk with this DD seller and asked him how does he price his margin at Rs.50. He replied its quite simple. The nearest bank is a kilometer away and the cost of autorickshaw charge to and fro would come to Rs.50. Add to that the conveneince and the time saving and he says its a decent bargain.

I have to agree.