In Cycling

Photo: Jersey Cameraman

This Saturday, I’m joining a small team of 20 riders on a ride from Chennai to Mahabalipuram as part of the ‘Fun, Freedom, Fitness’ ride organized by TI Cycles.

I got the news from the Bike Hash group which is fast turning out to be a very interesting sports group. I sent an email to TI cycles and within minutes, a member of their HR & Cusotmer Service team, Mani, called me to welcome to the race and ask for any special arrangements that I’d need. Impressive.

One of the reasons why I’m game for such rides is because a lot of important logistical arrangements are taken care of. A pilot car to lead the cyclists (ensures safety from oncoming traffic), doctor on call, Refreshments pit-stops and breakfast on arrival. They even arrange to transport the cycle back to our homes.

And not to mention meeting up with like-minded cycling enthusiasts.

This ride is actually an internal employee team ride (“Eat your own dog food!”)which they are partially opening up to others. Their email said, yesterday was the last day to register but if you are interested, you may want to try your luck just like I did. Send an email to SubramaniamA [@] Cheers!