In General

If you’ve ever been a cyclist, this video will strike a chord with you. Read on, after you watch the video. Yeah, count carefully.

Awesome video and it definitely stuck a chord with me. I’ve been cycling to work for the better part of the last 8 years, averaging about 20 kms a day. While riding in the city is overall safe, I’ve encountered some real close shaves that I’d count myself lucky to be alive to write this post. Most accidents to cyclists occur because they aren’t important enough to be ‘visible’. The video above hits it bang on.

Highway cycling turns cyclists into accident magnets. That’s why, we always bring along a car that tails the cyclists. Without the car, cyclists are a shoo-in.

It’s my request to all of us to show a bit more concern for pedestrians, runners and cyclists. You’ll be rewarded with lots of gratitude.