In General

About three weeks ago, I got two monitors fixed for my PC for a couple of reasons. a) It’d look cool. b) I had to do a review of it for my New Indian Express column and c) wanted to check if its really as useful as others say it to be. Exactly in that order.

And boy, it turned out to be so good that I was left wondering why didn’t I do this earlier. More than the coolness factor, it has certainly helped in the efficiency dept. The two monitors especially comes in very handy when you are comparing two applications or designs. Instead of going alternating on ‘alt – tab’, you can instantly do the comparison.

While its useful, it can also be a bit of distraction. Especially when I open the Cricinfo ball-by-ball update on one screen, like how I’m doing now, while I work on the other screen. But hey, what’s life without little pleasures, eh?!

I’m convinced so much about its usefulness that I’m contemplating fixing dual monitors for all my employees. It’s an investment.